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2127 Rachel est, Montreal, Quebe

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Vélo iBike
We are a bike shop specializing in fixed and road bikes.
However, we are willing and able to fix anything!
Stop by, ask a few questions and have a look around. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Instagram & Twitter @Velo_iBike

About Team iBike
Team iBike was organized to bring together some of the best riders in Montréal. We ride hard and encourage others to ride with us. Everyone needs a bike!

Our mission is to actively and positively promote the Montreal fixed gear bicycle scene through hosting events, rides, and a common place for fixed gear cyclists to interact with one another. We ride to ride, you should too.

Started in 2011 by Fred Cousineau & Josh Gieni of iBike, this fixed gear team is made up of Montreal riders with a passion for biking and riding hard.


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