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The Venture Community empowers people to benefit the world and discover their soul(s) through adventure-driven humanitarian efforts.

Benefit the World

Exploited, displaced, impoverished, orphaned… the stories of injustice in Asia compel us to design adventure expeditions and innovative campaigns that result in needs being met, restored dignity and hope in Christ. Through our work, we tell stories of injustice, mobilize active support, partner with organizations that affect change and work to establish sustainable "injustice-prevention" projects throughout the world.

Discover the Soul

“We love because it's the only true adventure…” stories of injustice help us identify with the depth of Christ's compassion and enlist us in a life of adventurous and symbolic struggles in which we work to overcome mountains of oppression. The compelling zest of adventure inspires us to intentionally design expeditions and innovative campaigns that shape our life and faith in Christ.

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