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Venture Giant is a fast and convenient way to get your investment proposal sent out to vetted UK based multimillionaires, private investors, high net worth individuals and venture capitalists that use the Venture Giant network to find exciting investment opportunities to invest into.

These investors range over 182 industry sectors, and include private individuals and Venture Capitalists looking to invest in Property, business start-ups, established trading UK based businesses, and even Seed and Early Stage business concepts.

No matter what the type of investment proposal and whichever industry you may be involved in, Venture Giant not only solves the problem on where to source interested investors, but also on how to promote your investment proposal to them in a quick and streamlined process.

A full list of the registered investors that we have approved to receive our 'daily investment deals email' can be seen here:

Venture Giant does not charge a percentage on any of the capital or profits that you make through strategic alliances by using our service - because real investment in your business is worth so much more than just money.

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