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VenusTRIBES are a music project, fusing song writing craft, world beat and jazz. Concept album ‘Siddhartha’ was inspired by Hermann Hesse’s mystical novel describing a traveller’s inner journey. Siddhartha-Song “Red Gaia” was a finalist in the Eco Arts Awards 2013.

Album Siddhartha is dedicated to the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. To the Kogi Mamas of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Gonavindua Tairona Elder Brothers and Guardians of Water. To Chief Raoni, Chief of the Xingu Indigenous Lands of Brazil.

VenusTRIBES now released album ‘7 Colours’ (2013).

A collaboration with film director Mher Hovvyan let to short film “Little Hands”, with original soundtrack by VenusTRIBES (Allbum ‘7 Colours’). "Little Hands" is featured at the BBC Music Video Festival 2013




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