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Vera Sanz is a video artist based in London. She is a creative videographer, with lighting experience and an imaginative storyteller. She is also specialised in areas such as motion graphics, 3D, video edition and visual effects for advertising, music projects, broadcast, and web.
Her passion for the creative video sector led her to a Digital Media course at Napier University where she graduated with a First Class Honours Degree and University Medal. In addition and to complement this eagerness, she continues her training with a MA in Visual Effects.
Since these areas have become her passion, she has been working in different audiovisual projects, putting her courses theory into practice in a variety of ways. She has been able to successful organise and manage different works involving a variety of filming circumstances, equipment or light conditions, and different edition possibilities using software such as Maya 3D, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro or Photoshop.
After graduating she was fortunate enough to contribute with an audiovisual cooperative called "7 Digital Dreams" where she had the opportunity to face professional challenges.
This world is not something new to her. During her career she has worked for reputable music artist as video and lighting technician, even as the person in charged during international tours gaining an extensive experience about lighting and video possibilities that are able to captivate the most critical audiences.
Visuals are for her a magic space where dreams can come true, where imagination can transform reality and offer a huge range of possibilities. Visuals are the perfect tool to communicate messages, ideas, feelings and the best addition for a good story.

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