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Quentin Vercetty is a very prolific, vigorous and ambitious youth that is constantly using his life experiences and deciphers them into enriching words of empowerment to instigate change and motivate those around him. He grew up a rough life and made a lot of wrong decision growing up. But now on the road of redemption from his shady past, he uses his own life lessons and translates them into various conceptual ART forms. He now works as a youth advocate and an all around artist. His work ranges from spoken word poetry, traditional fine art (painting), graffiti painting, and graphic designing and now to animation. His top 3 motto that he lives by is “The no such thing as a bad experience because every experience you learn from”, “tough times don’t last but tough people does” and “If we want to see change happen then we got to be the change reaction”. Check him out.

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