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“VERITAS makes films of family, faith and freedom”
Kevin McAfee (Filmmaker)

VERITAS Communications, Inc. is committed to producing films that promote family, faith, and freedom. Our dedication to excellence ensures that the public will experience feature length motion pictures which inspire and entertain.

When films are made about family, they become inspirational and move us. As films of faith are created, they have eternal ramifications prompting us to be better people. Freedom is the core liberty we experience from America’s founding fathers and are the foundation for every film in VERITAS.

Throughout each film, a moviegoer expects to be entertained. As time goes by, films are becoming more complex, higher in technical quality and often more challenging to produce. VERITAS Entertainment recognizes the expectations of filmgoers and is committed to “story”, “star power” and “sensory recall”, connecting the audience to the emotional journey of compelling characters within each film.

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