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Veronica Barron is a Boston-based performer and maker of collaborative, choreographic theatre. Her recent work includes the butoh-based UnAccountable Fog with CHIMERAlab Dance Theatre, presented at the New Orleans Fringe Festival; Winning Higgins's Love: A Clown Tragedy, created and performed with Aimee Rose Ranger, a winning entry in Company One's Fringe Wars; and a puppetry-of-the-body short titled Split: A Leg Ballet, presented at Sprout. Other recent projects include directing for 11:11 Theatre Company's Poe: A Fever Dream and a national summer tour of The Tempest and Jabberwocky on Momentum Theatre Troupe's transforming theatre truck. Veronica holds a BFA in Theater Arts from Boston University, where her studies included collaborative playmaking, a physical approach to acting, and classical Indian dance-theater.

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