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This is a competition/festival/library/blog for very short documentaries between 1 second and 1 minute in length.

We are open to Very Short Documentaries of all colours and creeds but will be paying particular attention to our Very Short Documentary Competition.

Every few months we will unveil a title, for example, (the current title) Happiness or (maybe a future title) Table Top, and we will ask you, the good people of the world, to create a very short documentary fashioned under that title.

Currently, to while away those winter blues we are delving into the pillow and unicorn lined world of HAPPINESS.
We have and still are receiving a great number of amazing submissions for the Title HAPPINESS but be wary, submissions will remain open but to be included in the competition you must enter your piece by the 31st of March. The winner will be anounced on the 10th of April.

For those of you who have no interest in happiness we can now unveil our new title.


Interpret this title whichever way you must. We look forward to your submissions.

We are open to submissions from everyone.

Please when submitting specify which title you are submitting to.

Every entry will be entered into a library specific to each Title, and the winners of each Title (chosen by an ardent jury of documentarists) will be reviewed by prominent figures in the documentary world and will head each title archive.

The aim of this Festival/Blog is to champion the idea of very short documentaries and to create a library of interesting documentary films showing hundreds of interpretations of a particular title from hundreds of corners of the world.

Very Short Documentaries are films that are between 1 second and one minute in length that explore the world and the documentary genre. They can be a flash of life, a full on fly on the wall piece of direct cinema or a pre fabricated documentary drama. It could be a series of photographs set to music or an animation set to an audio interview. Maybe a visual twitter of your day or just your own thoughts around the subject title. Your film could use footage or audio that was recorded decades ago or 8 seconds ago, using anything from a mobile phone to a 35mm movie camera.

Creating Very Short Documentaries is an amazing way to project an idea, view or opinion into the world allowing for a lack of monetary expense. Our aim is for people without the means of funded productions to create standalone pieces of documentary film produced with as much passion, thought and impact as their lengthier counterparts. Very Short Documentaries are a huge part of our video streaming world and many deserve the recognition that documentaries exceeding one minute are given.

Please feel free to experiment with your own translation of the documentary genre, extending your imagination to the furthest plateau to create a vignette of life from any audio visual medium.

We look forward to your submision.

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