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Before VETO there was nothing. At least not on the wide electronic stage in Denmark. It is VETO who has tamed the machines and opened up for the once very isolated niche. Without letting go of their willfulness they have gained artistic recognition, had commercially tailwind, played sold-out concerts home and abroad and won numerous prizes – among these the P3 award in 2008.

So it is an orchestra, who during the course of a few years, have gone from upcoming to role models and trendsetters, who is now releasing their third album. “Everything Is Amplified”. Everybody is stirring impatiently to hear their latest creation and the single “This Is Not” set the agenda for the radio from day one by becoming “Ugens Uundgåelige”. But instead of hiding under the yoke of expectation VETO has loosened up. It all shines through on an album which is significantly more open and calm than it’s tight and strenuous predecessor “Crushing Digits” released in 2008.

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