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Orlando, FL

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My name is Vivian Flores, I'm a video editor and Cinematographer. I have a passion for movies, music and writing. I'm very passionate and proud about my work. I often seek to be better at it, I'm very critical towards my work, I often practice new things/new ideas towards every project/work I get. When it comes to my work I'm very professional.
I love adventures, I love having fun, I often seek danger, I'm those types of girls that are very curious about everything. I'm also one of those that if I see a red button I'll want to push it. I love to travel, I want to see and know the world. I love changes/new beginnings but they also scare me. I also love to play instruments. I play the guitar (Electric and Acoustic), piano, I'm learning how to play the bass, and I want to learn how to play the drums and the cello.


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