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Curious about digital design? It’s no wonder – the field allows us to evoke emotions, create positive influence, connect people to ideas, and, ultimately, make life better. VFS Digital Design graduates are storytellers and problem solvers. We change the way people see and interact with the world.

VFS Digital Design is a one-year, industry taught and led program that focuses on communication, interactive, and motion design. To find out more, visit vfs.edu/programs/digital-design.

Digital Design is all about making you a part of something bigger: joining a worldwide design community that wields more influence with each passing day. To experience our community site, visit community.vfs.com/oomph.

Vancouver Film School is Canada's premier, post-secondary entertainment arts institution and one of the most distinguished in the world. Recent VFS graduates have gone on to work on some of the hottest properties in entertainment, from film to animation to video games. To find out more, visit vfs.edu.

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