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New York

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I am currently employed as a Post Production/VFX Supervisor at a leading facility in New York with over 13 years experience as a Flame/Smoke Artist, and thousands of hours accrued in client sessions.

Leading projects from storyboard to final delivery, collaborative creative input, an eye for detail, team management, client facing, communication with production, visual problem solving & general diplomacy are among some of my strengths.
I have supervised numerous shoots and worked with world class directors such as Danny Boyle, Traktor, Noam Murro, Floria Sigismondi, Jonas Ackerlund, The Perlorian Brothers, Bailey Walsh, Howard Greenhalgh, Brett Foreaker, Blue Source, Simon Ratigan & Sara Dunlop to name a few.

I have a solid understanding of photographic techniques, lighting & composition, post facility systems and processes, technical jargon and industry standards, not to mention a genuine enthusiasm for film-making & post production.

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