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NewD Media is a Detroit-based team of visual artists who develop and implement various forms of light sculptures and projection mapping installations. We are honing the skills, toolset, and experience to reach for the heights of what can be done when this flexible and expressive technology.

At first a simple start up to manage the projection mapping and live mixing work of Gabriel Hall, he soon brought on the creative mind of Daniel Land to share in his multidimensional aspirations. Together, along with Sean Hodgson and the support of fellow contributors, New D Media Arts has received multiple commissions from 2010 through 2014 to provide custom projection mapping installations for many amazing events.

Gabriel, as VGer The VJ, has designed/performed for shows in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and NYC, as well as the Electric Forest Music Festival and throughout the city of Detroit. He has worked alongside international performers including Carl Craig, Derrick May, Lil Louis, and Stacey Pullen.

Daniel has performed as a VJ locally and at Burning Man in 09, but mainly focuses on film making, recently completing work as the primary Visual Effects Supervisor on the feature film ‘Saving Lincoln’. He and Gabriel were responsible for some 450+ VFX shots combining original 1860s photography with green screen live-action footage.

It is our work in VFX and animation, and our backgrounds in narrative filmmaking that lend a unique storytelling perspective to our content. As a team creating large-scale mapping & performance projects, we are
always looking out for the next opportunity to elevate our craft and bring illuminating and meaningful experiences to wider audiences and the surrounding communities. The potential to create narratives for public crowds in and on the places where they matter most, is as rich and diverse as there are buildings with stories to tell.

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