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VIA formed in April of 2013 released their single “Closets” 04.20.13 and haven’t looked back since. Releasing their debut EP “Acid” on July 19th a nice 3 months later was some feat. Only to then open for the internationally known Smile Empty Soul one week later. This 4 month old 4 some don’t need time to do the seemingly impossible. They also were one of the top 5 bands in the nation for RockStar’s Uproar Festival on 08.07.13. Have been in the top 10 on Reverbnation’s Alternative Charts for nearly a month, top 5 for over a week and stand at #3 today! Already having accomplished more than most bands would dream of in less than 4 months; Blowing up is inevitable. Best get on their wagon sooner than later.

VIA is best described as a vocally driven, hard rock group with grungy overtones. Quite a bit heavier than what you'd typically find in the local Indie Rock scene but ear pleasing with melodic twists. Inspired and driven by some of the best grunge music of our time. Dirty, gritty and catchy as hell.

J, who sings lead vocals (and by sings, I mean belts out crazy notes in perfect key with a naturally grungy yet captivating voice) has brought a bit of his previous work into this new project. J has dabbled in bass and rhythm guitar but has always been a vocalist/singer/songwriter at the core. His previous projects have allowed him to write music in different genres, amongst them; punk, pop, blues, jazz and classic rock. His most recent project, Aphrodisiaddicts, was a jazz infused bluesy rock group to die for. All the while, during those projects, he was secretly writing music for VIA, although he didn't know it at the time. The songs you'll hear today have had years of tweaking and even though they probably didn't need it, the end result is quite amazing. J has a writing style that you won't see very often. He plays in chords that drive most guitarists’ nuts but they're fantastic to listen to. However, the true magic comes out in his vocals, where just as you think he can’t get any higher he'll hit you with a heart stopping note that will leave you wanting more. J and Matt met just as VIA was getting off the ground and worked hard to get the VIA project in motion. Matt also has an extensive background in music. His last band was a post hardcore gig called Cue The Doves. Matt also helped audition for a bassist and the second guitarist to form the full band and the two members that Matt and J had chosen from the auditions were Mau (bass) and Evo (lead guitar). Mau, also seasoned musically, plays a six string for this gig and plays it well. In fact, so well that he beat out some pretty tough competition. He's a performer at heart and he'll grab your attention......or demand it. Watching him finger bang his six-string is like watching a porno on acid. He is another one that can get up there and make what he does look so effortless and captivating all at the same time. He's a true rocker and you take one look at him and see that. Listening to him play only confirms it. The band admits that the search for a guitarist was the hardest by far. They were looking for something very specific in a lead player and luckily they found it in Evo. Evo has been active in the music scene for the last ten years. He's played lead for a few different gigs over the years, the most recent being Maybe Saints whom you may be familiar with due to their radio play. Evo has a very wide taste in music, as he admits to being a very influential part of his playing. He's well rounded and fits well into the band. You can sense his experience, the way he effortlessly picks his spots to shine, and compliments the music throughout the song. Among his hard core solos, Evo steals the show and is a riot to watch. He breathes sweats and bleeds music all around. Once the band was formed they hopped back into the studio, released “Closets” and began booking shows with 2 song $1 Demos in hand. In June 2013, after only 2 shows Matt announced his departure. Auditions began again but this time only lasted a few days as Ben came in and stole the light with powerful fills, stick flicks and an undeniable ability to never lose his spot in any song. He had learned so much in so little time it truly became the ‘ole no brainer.

These four guys get along like best buds and play together as if they've been a band for years. You can sense the chemistry, and the music speaks to their 'vibe' as a band. Energy. Grit. They're all business and fight hard for their goals as a gigging band. Watch for these guys to blow up in the local music scene, and keep an eye on their page for shocking updates as they come in. Milestones will be broken so get a front row seat so you can say you knew them 'when'. VIA Rock VIA Roll my friends.

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