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Víctor Bárcena was born in Madrid in 1979. He attended the Superior Technical School of Aeronautical Engineering at the Politechnical University of Madrid. During that period, he became part of several universitarian theatre groups. He won the first prize at the Universitarian Theatre Competition organised by the Complutense University of Madrid in 2001 with the play 'Woyzeck', from Georg Büchner. At that time, he was responsible of the art and scene direction, as well as of the interpretation of the leading part. Such play was performed at the Abadía Theatre, in Madrid. In 2004 he began his Film Direction studies at the Film and Audiovisual Industry School of Madrid, ecam. He graduated in that institution in 2007 with the first place in the direction students ranking. His experience as a documentary director and screenwriter is the following:

‘Lugares propios’ (2007, 55’. HD. ecam)
‘Néstor Basterretxea, el tiempo y la vida’ (2007, 9’. HD. Dies Irae Filmproduktion)

His experience as a fiction short film director and screenwriter is represented by the following titles:

‘Encuentros’ (2005, 11’. BETACAM. ecam)
‘Belvedere’ (2005, 9’. BETACAM. ecam)
‘Palabras’ (2006, 12’. DV. ecam)
‘Miradas’ (2006, 5’. DV. Dies Irae)
‘Las manos de Abel’ (2009, 20’. REDCODE 4K transferred to 35mm. Dies Irae Filmproduktion)
‘Épiphanie’ (2016, 30’. REDCODE 4K. Dies Irae Filmproduktion)

His experience as a producer has developed parallel to the work of Dies Irae Filmproduktion Company.

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