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VIDA FILM is a cross-media project addressing the rise in suicide.

Across various social media, an interactive on-line community will publicly discuss a wide range of issues related to suicide. This arena will inform the content of a non-fiction film called 'Vida' to be produced in 2013. This campaign will be linked to a crowd-funding platform which will fund the production of that film.

The film 'Vida' explores the global rise of suicide through the eyes of a young man named Zeus Alcaraz. His quest is to answer old questions like 'What makes life worth living?' and provide solutions to common challenges faced by people throughout the world.

Kevin, Naoise, Melanny, David, Jenniffer, Adam and Mark

from filmmaker Kevin McCann

On my first morning in Mexico in 2010, the headline in the local newspaper announced a suicide epidemic in the state of Michoacan. I was so shocked that I decided to investigate further. During my first week, along with a Mexican filmmaker Juan Pablo Arroyo, I interviewed a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I asked the psychiatrist 'What percentage of your patients have chosen to be depressed?' He said '75%'. The psychologist then introduced me to the important notion of self-love. I asked her; 'What percentage of people walking down the street love themselves? 5% was her estimation.
Varied research highlights a current ignorance and lack of education of important concepts of human existence such as self-sabotage, habit, ego, perception, language & context, expectation vs success, patience, moderation, etc. The Director of the National Institute of Psychiatry claims that part of the problem is that terms like depression and bi-polar are being misused - others claim that we are not taught about struggle at an early age. The opinions are wide and varied.

In recent times, suicide has increased world-wide by 60%. In countries like Mexico and Ireland, the rate is 100%.

So can a new cross-media project find a solution to the current suicide crisis?
Can we help each other and Zeus to find a better understanding on how to live?
Our aim is to do this through the 'VIDA FILM' Project. Please join the project and have your say.

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