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Vi-Dan was born in Cologne. At the age of 11, he started his training in Wushu and won several medals in competitions. Besides wushu, he is doing Tricking, Free Running MMA, Boxing, Skateboard and Stunts. In his youth his skateboard and inline skates were of great importance to him. For 4 years he concentrated on skating and achieved the first place in the Powerade Best Trick Contest. After hesitating for a long time, Vi-Dan began his studies in Media Design with the focus on film at the University of Aachen in 2006. At this stage of life, a new passion aroused in him: "Filmmaking". During his studies, he deepened his knowledge in the field of directing, camera, editing, vfx and sound designing. Amongst other things, he also pursued the field of photography and illustration. He does not only take the opportunity to work behind the scenes, but was also allowed to perform as a show artist on stage or as an actor, stuntman and choreographer of stunts in movies and TV shows. His feature films credits include Devil's Kickers, Kleine Morde, Cloud Atlas, Skyfall and Tatort. Other projects as Tricker or Performer in commercial and live shows are for example the strategy (opera), Ebay spot, Madza CR6, Lacoste, Dachser Logistic, X Factor, Formel 1, EA Star Wars the Old Republic, Honda, Audi Q5 and Chronoswiss.


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