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Turn photos into an engaging video to share on social media or create a dynamic photo slideshow for a presentation.

Example of how to convert an image into a video

How to turn photos into a video with Vimeo Create.


Click “Create a video” or choose a template.

Create a new video to turn pictures into a video or choose a template from the Vimeo Create library to create a mix of video clips and images.


Upload or choose your images.

Click “Add media” to select the images you want to turn into a video from your Uploads or upload new images from your computer.


Reorder, choose styles, and add music.

Drag and drop your images to reorder them and choose styles or add music to add some pizzazz to your video.


Preview and save your video.

Preview your video in Vimeo Create’s image to video maker and go back to make changes if needed. Then, save it and share it with the world.

“Vimeo gives us a platform to show off all the great parts of surfing that aren’t immediately available in the surf shop—surfing, board building, and the lifestyle that drives our pursuit.”

Dave Allee
Owner of Almond Surfboards
Decorative image of two people by a yellow van looking out over a beautiful lake and sunny landscape

Turn pictures into an engaging video. 

image of a surfer and multiple clips being turned into one video

Turn your favorite photos into a slideshow video for free.

Need to turn photos into video to create a slideshow for your family and friends? Wondering how to turn pictures into video for a business presentation? Vimeo Create’s image to video maker offers easy-to-use tools to help you create a polished slideshow video in minutes for free.

Simply upload your images, choose styles to spice things up, and even add background music if you like. Preview it to make sure it has the casual or professional vibe you’re going for, then save it to your computer or share it directly to social media from Vimeo Create.

Video gets more engagement on social media.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but when you’re trying to maximize engagement on social media, video is king. In fact, 59% of marketers in one study reported that videos drive more engagement on Facebook than images, and 70% of marketers in 2021 say that videos boost ROI. But if you have a bunch of photos and images instead of videos, you might be wondering how to turn those photos into a video to increase engagement and grow your audience. With Vimeo Create, you can transform your best photos into captivating videos in minutes — no design or editing experience required!

Convert images to video for better ad engagement.

Turning photos into video for social ads can boost engagement and click through rates. Creating scroll-stopping videos can increase the effectiveness of your social media ad campaigns and drive results for your business — saving you a fortune on professional video editing services.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I turn photos into a video?

Vimeo Create’s free image to video converter makes it easy to turn photos into a video. Simply upload your images, add styles, adjust the order of your photos, and choose background music if you like. You can even choose from thousands of video clips and images from the Vimeo Create library to tie it all together.

How do I make a video out of one picture?

You can easily convert one picture to video with Vimeo Create. Get started from scratch or choose one of Vimeo Create’s professionally designed templates. Upload your image and choose from the Vimeo Create library of footage to beef up your video. Enhance it with styles, music, and other effects for a polished finished product.

How can I make a video with pictures and music?

Here’s how to turn your photos into a video complete with music in Vimeo Create. Just upload your photos, then click “Music” from the left-hand navigation menu in the Vimeo Create editor. Choose from recommended music clips, browse the complete collection, or upload your own music clips to turn your images into a stunning video with music.

Convert your images into a video.