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Jennifer Salazar started with the best producers in Television by working at the Dr. Phil Show. She later went on to produce at CBS Television in Hollywood. Along with a degree in Cinema & Television Arts, she has crafted a signature story telling process and established an online video elegance.

She has currently joined forces with Bill Lae and Debra Lindegren to create a new company, Video Trio. "Video Trio brings HOLLYWOOD FIREPOWER to entrepreneurs, online marketers, and anyone who wants to step up their media."

Jennifer is comfortable in front of and behind the camera. She shoots, produces, and edits. Her passion is consulting with clients to ensure their expertise and credentials are substantiated visually.

Some of Ms. Salazar’s productions include:
• Sherry Lansing / Former CEO of Paramount Pictures

• Gary Goldstein / Hollywood Producer “Pretty Woman”

• Zach Levi / Star of NBC’s Chuck

• Ali Brown / Millionaire Entrepreneur Coach

• Alex Ardenti / Top American Fitness Photographer

• Gayl Murphy / Hollywood Correspondent & Interviewer

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