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What a business sells means very little to me…

How much it cost… not interested!

How do the products and services improve people’s lives and create a positive difference in the world? Well that’s a story I want to hear, and it’s my life passion to help the next generation of entrepreneurs discover and share their message with the world.

I have an intense passion for storytelling and filmmaking that was born more by chance than planning, and since falling in love with the art and science behind it then applying my craft to the world of business and marketing, I’ve never looked back.

First let me say nothing about this journey has been easy. My childhood dyslexia could have been an excuse to settle for less in life. Tireless late nights, losing relationships, suffering depression and gaining and losing weight were just some of the personal battles I faced as I pursued my goals and relentless personal education.

I eventually found myself standing on the brink of bankruptcy while stillstruggling every day to improve and understand what makes humans tick. But instead of accepting defeat these obstacles became the fuel that drove me to develop my craft even deeper. I intensified my study in human behaviour, psychology, philosophy and social dynamic, spending a fortune and hours upon hours honing my skills.

These skills along with real-life business and marketing experience are what allow me to quickly identify businesses core strengths and match them to their markets needs.

This isn’t a profession or career to me. I only work with fun, passionate, meaningful business leaders and entrepreneurs who are excited to discover and communicate the core values of their enterprise. It is where my entire life’s work has led; I believe it is my calling in this life…The reason I get out of bed in the morning.

Though I have come a long way, self-improvement is a never-ending path and I’m constantly looking for ways to develop and improve my skills and value.

Having witnessed some alarming trends in the business world, what I despise most is the constant decline in human-to-human relationships as companies favour automation over personalization.

Right now I see an opportunity for forward thinking entrepreneurs to step out from behind their corporate mask and reach out to people on a personal level.

Humans are not stupid; today’s consumer is more educated and socially aware of their buying decisions.

That’s why I believe businesses must create more value, meaning and express the soul authenticity around their products and services to rapidly attract more quality clients and increase market share.

By combining human psychology, marketing strategy and storytelling, I developed and refined a unique filmmaking formula that has seen some of Australia’s leading companies and entrepreneurs rapidly generate more brand awareness, higher conversions and increased sales as these films quickly spread throughout their networks and market.

As I write this today I’m excited to discover the people and projects I will work with next and the stories we will bring to life.

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