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  1. Dutch Artists

    by ferrie = differentieel joined

    3,285 Videos / 578 Members

    Dutch Artists is a group of artists and cinematographers working, living or born in the Dutch speaking area's of the world presenting their work: video's, trailers or commercials, art installations,…

  2. video mapping

    by Axel Cobelo joined

    127 Videos / 48 Members

  3. VJ Showcase

    by Fader joined

    8,987 Videos / 2,751 Members

    Showcase and share your latest VJ demo, live mix, AV mash-up and experimental video work with the rest of the VJ community.

  4. Jitter Visuals

    by Bryan Teoh joined

    1,123 Videos / 621 Members

    A place to share new works, discuss techniques, and share ideas related to Cycling '74's Jitter.

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