Video 101: Editing Sound & Music with Windows Live Movie Maker

Paying attention to sound can really make or break your video. You can edit the sound in your videos and add music to create a more dynamic feel and add a little extra emotion. Don't underestimate the power of sound. Try watching the scariest movie you can think of with the sound off just to see how much of the emotions you feel come from what you hear. See, pretty crazy.

Click on 'Video Tools' in the menu bar and there you can choose to alter your video volume as a whole, or to fade in and out between clips. Abrupt changes in sound can sometimes be distracting to your viewer so to help the flow, you'll sometimes want to add some fades. You can also choose 'Add Music' under the home tab to select music to add to your video. Once you add music, you can use the 'Music Tools' menu to alter it just as you can with your video's audio, including the main audio level as well as fades. If you're making a silent film, then this section does not apply to you. (I'm looking at you, Charlie Chaplin).

Let's Recap!

  • Great sound can really heighten the emotion in your video

  • Use the audio level tool to make the sound higher or lower

  • Use the fade tool to transition easily between sounds

  • Add music to your video for a more dynamic feel

  • Watch as your video comes to life!

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Zuzanna Musial

Zuzanna Musial

Informative helpful video..Thank you, / Zuzanna

Harold Clapsaddle

Harold Clapsaddle

I use the Gimp 2,8 art program to make my frames and gif's and I am having problems adding gif's to any of my projects. Can you please show me how I may do this thank you

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Lesson Summary

You can edit the sound in your videos and add music to create a more dynamic feel to your videos and add a little extra emotion. Let's learn how!

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