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At MyVideoVisit our mission is to help business owners effectively use video on their website to increase visibility, credibility and profitability… and we do it by producing a quality video profile of your business.

We understand that when someone is on your website they appreciate a video that is an accurate presentation of your business…not just a long TV commercial. That’s why we feature you and your staff in an authentic, unrehearsed way, much like a TV documentary. After seeing your VideoVisit, prospects will feel like they know you…they will understand your products or well as your values…most importantly they will have confidence that you are the kind of person and business they can trust.

With MyVideoVisit, you get to show off your establishment, products, and services before a customer even steps foot inside your business. Best of all, we'll put your video on your website, YouTube, Facebook and on DVD for use in your store or office - it's an entire viral video marketing campaign for your business, all for less than the cost of one 30-second television ad!

MyVideoVisit is a CMC Media Group Internet Property

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