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Vienna Baptist Church exists to change lives forever by reaching people for Christ and helping believers become more like Him.

We love God by...
Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
Regularly participating in worship with others
Worshipping God as a way of daily life through…
An active prayer life
Faithful Study and obedience to the commands of Scripture

We love people by...
Participating in a group designed to help us experience Christian friendship, biblical instruction, and ministry to others
Serving others in ways we are called and gifted to serve
Sharing our faith with others where we live, work, study, and play

Are you living the mission to which we have been called? Do you know Christ as Savior and Lord? Do you participate in worship weekly? Practice personal, private devotions of prayer and bible study? Meet with a group of peers outside of worship to forge friendships, learn together, and care for each other? Do you use your gifts and skills to serve others in the church or to show love to those outside the church? Do you share your faith with those with whom you live, work, and play? Probably few of us can answer in the affirmative on all of these questions, but our goal is to encourage and help as many as possible make progress and grow in Christ. You are invited along for the journey. Join with us as we surrender ourselves to the mission we have been given by Christ. “We exist to change lives forever by reaching people for Christ and helping believers become more like Him.”

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