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I began with a multidisciplinary approach at an early age; from music studies beginning at the age of 6 with piano and oboe (eventually moving to guitar, synthesizer and experimental percussion), to an early obsession with visual art and an interest in mathematics, I have always exercised both spheres of my brain.

While still in my teens, I began publishing the internationally circulated digital culture & electronic music magazine interface (under the name Andrew Waggoner), which led to organizing concerts, performing as an experimental music DJ, touring with bands throughout the Midwest and East Coast, and creative work in the burgeoning web industry.

With a move from Chicago to Los Angeles to work for a new interactive studio of the renowned branding agency Siegel + Gale, I began work as a Film Composer and Sound Designer, eventually moving to Music and Sound Supervisor for Video Games at Pandemic Studios and Electronic Arts, where I could apply my background with scripting languages to audio (and vice-versa) and continue to strengthen his project management muscles.

I am currently Lead Audio at Turtle Rock Studios.

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