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Vincent Oresman is a film and television editor whose work includes the 2008 festival favorite “Leaving Barstow,” directed by Peter Paige, "Brown Bunny," by Vincent Gallo and the forthcoming “The Banshee Chapter, directed by Blair Erickson. In 2006, Vincent edited the Cannes Film Festival-winning short film, “Mother,” directed by Sian Heder. In 2012, Vincent re-teamed with Ms. Heder on the short, “Dog Eat Dog,” starring Zachary Quinto and Phillip Baker Hall.

Vincent’s televsion work includes the History Channel series “Shark Wranglers” and “Outback Hunters.” His commercial credits include award-winning television campaigns for Hewlett-Packard and Nissan and Project Runway.

A graduate in film from San Francisco State University, Vincent has directed and edited several films with the Los Angeles based Alpha 60 film collective as well as the award winning short, "A Formal Apology."