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Vincent Pascoe is a Director of Photography (DP) best known for his unique ability to create visual imagery which captures the essence of story, translates light into emotion, and consistently pushes the boundaries of technological capabilities. Vincent developed a distinctive style early in his career by applying exceptional comprehension of various dynamics of cinematography, adapting to quickly changing circumstances, approaching challenges as opportunities, and achieving innovative solutions.

Vincent's childhood was marked by creative influences and he was fortunate to learn both music theory from his father and an appreciation for theatre from his mother at an early age. He spent much of his adolescence acting in stage plays and musicals, performing as a professional soloist singing in various choirs and at private engagements, and watching hundreds of classical and contemporary movies from his mother's extensive video library. Thereafter, he continued on to study music composition at Scottsdale Community College (SCC) and Arizona State University (ASU) and simultaneously managed to maintain a day job as a computer specialist customizing and leveraging technology for cost-efficient, creative solutions.

While attending SCC, Vincent got his first taste of the film industry when he was asked to compose music for 16mm student short films. Upon discovering the film side of the school, the realization struck... movies were the language through which he and his family had always communicated... Movies were the method through which stories were told.... Movies were the medium through which he could best explore a variety of creative means of expression. He ultimately transferred from the music program to Motion Picture and Television studies and focused his efforts on getting behind the camera, shooting 33 projects on film in less than 2 years.

Beginning with his first day on set, Vincent enjoyed the collaborative nature of production process and knew he'd found where he wanted to live, and for a while that's exactly what he did. His passion drove him to live job-to-job and couch-to-couch. All the while he was simply delighted to discover that the film industry was actually accessible to him if he merely worked really hard at it.

Vincent immediately displayed an inherent sense of visual style and an eye for the beauty that resides between light and shadow. It wasn't long before Vincent found a niche shooting music videos, as his insight of musical theory became evident in his visual interpretation of the rhythm, mood and tone of any piece. When budget wouldn't allow for expensive professional equipment, Vincent designed and built his own dolly and motion control rig. While shooting narrative films, Vincent's experience performing and his passion for storytelling lent a useful perspective on set. Cinematography offered Vincent the opportunity to harmonize and channel each of his innate and practiced skills and to do the one thing he loves most: create.

For the past 10 years, Vincent's insatiable curiosity and remarkable ability to improvise have consistently fueled his innovations and created imagery that continue to enchant audiences. Past experiences, innovation and passion combine to make Vincent Pascoe a truly unique voice as a Director of Photography.

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