Vineyard Church of New Orleans Plus

New Orleans, LA

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We are a church, but by church we don’t mean a building. Around the Vineyard, we are a community of people who share a common desire to grow in our faith in Jesus and God who raised him from the dead. We are committed to learning what it means to live and love like Jesus as we passionately and intentionally pursue Jesus as a community.

We hope to be a people who are committed to seeing the life of heaven lived out here and now on this planet as we work to right what is wrong in this world. We believe we do this through being filled with the life of God – the Holy Spirit - and learning together how to more deeply love God and love one another.

We are not really interested in being consumers only looking to have our ‘needs’ met, but our heart and goal is to be the people of God who are actively and intentionally contributing to and participating in God’s mission to reclaim and redeem all things and people.

The Vineyard community is full of people who are in the process of discovering God, people who are reconnecting to God and people who are fully committed to God. Regardless of where you may be in your journey towards God, we look forward to being friends who journey together.

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