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"Vinny Vegas strut their progressive stuff with well-deserved confidence – their playing ability is top-notch, and their creativity knows no bounds." -Soundproof Magazine, Toronto, ON

There is not a single track on Vinny Vegas' new album Land of Giants that is bad, or even borders on mediocre. Every one song has its place.

The opening track, "Channels," has a piano intro to die for. It brings you back to the 40s and 50s and just makes you smile. Vinny Vegas’ lead vocalist has a voice that seems like a mix of Patrick Stump and Brendan Urie. The second track, “We’ll Call It Atlantis” has a more sooulful sound; recommend if you’re looking for something to close your eyes and groove to.

My personal favorite is the final track on the album, “Mallets”. The vocals are absolutely incredible, hitting highs you never would expect. The type of music you hear live, close your eyes and pound your chest to.

The only negative part about this EP it's length. The 5 song EP keeps you wishing for more. The piano-driven rock that this band creates seems unlike any other, and is definitely an album I’ll be listening to for a while.

5 out of 5 [TG] Scene Trash Magazine - Baltimore, MD

You get a feeling of seriousness and dedication to the task in hand when you listen to these songs. -Bluesbunny, Glasgow, U.K.

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