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Have you ever listened to a vinyl record? The sound, the crackle… the big covers and its unique smell… The music has a different taste… erotic. My love for music is so strong I think a film would be the best way to share this passion with other people. I started with vinyl as a child and now I can’t stop… that’s how I began a journey - I kind of fell into the micro-groove… I walked down the staircases into the dingiest, dusty and most hidden-away record shops in the city; sneaked into vinyl factories, got knocked over by tribes of collectors rampaging through a record convention, meeting up with DJs and melomaniacs like me. Vinylmania is a film trip into a world full of records. It tracks down collectors willing to spend a fortune on an LP. It is about the search for an identity, one more cry against the “fast-food” MP3 music for I-pods. Vinylmania is a work in progress. If it feels yours or if you have any suggestions join this vinyl tribe…

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