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Her artistic path starts with the dance next to choreographer Alessia Gatta, author of the "Ritmi Sotterranei" project.

The direct contact with the research of contemporary expression, brings Viola to deepen the study of various visual arts like painting, video art and photography, making her become an extremely versatile and eclectic character.
In July 2008 she collaborates with photographer Arash Radpour as an assistant, helping him to realize the campaign "Jeckerson" , published by Vogue Uomo.

In June 2009 Viola graduates getting full marks from the photography department of the European Institute of design in Rome and since then she collaborates with Massimo Siragusa's studio.
Since 2008 she's taken part to several solo and collective exhibitions, like: the Unspoken at the B-gallery in Rome; the solo Contemporary Portraits at the RGB gallery; The imaginary Friends at the Palladium Theatre, the “Promised Gravity” at the Perlini Arte of Padova and the video installation In Castello square in Ferrara.
She took part in the collective exhibition "progetto immagine" at the Spazio Arte gallery in Naples and exposed her works in the "Collective exhibition in Vienna and Prague institute". She's also been selected by Premio Celeste for their 2010 and 2011 Catalogue.
Since 2012 she collaborates with eccentric Jacopo Leone.
Cavalierato Giovanile” - edizione 2009 – la pubblicazione “Una Provincia di Talenti”, realizzato dalla De Luca Editori d'Arte, “Eppur si Muove” per NextExit – Dicembre 2009 / gennaio 2010, Catalogo Arte Laguna “Art Price” 2009 – Edizione Grafica Antiga, Catalogo premio Celeste 2010 – Zel Edizioni, Catalogo premio Celeste 2011 – Zel Edizioni.


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