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Tallahassee, FL

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Iv'e lived in Florida all my life, iv'e been an artist all my life, and iv'e loved life and the little simple beauties all my life.

Iv'e grown into a person different then what i was when i came into this world, but those 3 things haven't changed, but the book is open, unfinished, that's the best part. There's more to tell, but this is for another day.

"If your mind is too open, your brains will spill out, if your mind is too closed, your brain will suffocate." -Myself, revised from something ive heard

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  1. Finally found a brush to use on a touch screen device! Anticipating when I can buy an iPad and all these brushes Man I love technology
  2. Lovve this
  3. i remember this, ahh very nice :)
  4. Bianca Casavant commented on The Chase
    Awesome! entertaining the whole time :)