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My motto is: "ART is not purity it is purification, it is not liberty it is liberation"

I try to show spirituality, sexuality and coqueto.
It is like a drawing a parallel to a battle which we women fight every day, taking steps to acceptation of an imperfect body.
I strive to demonstrate the 100% pureness which is hidden deep inside our bodies and which demands to come to light.
I try to elicit the light and dark side of human personality, the emotions: isolation, fear, dread, delight, euphoria.....
We can see a lot from the eyes, because the eyes are reflections of the soul.I display explosion of emotions.

I used to paint but now I put my attention on performance, photography, sculpture, installation and video. I also work with sound.
I am open person and my goal is be close to people and places where I can find unique things and take inspiration out of them.

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