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Wesley Versteeg was born in 1992, Westvoorne, the Netherlands to parents, Mike Versteeg and Marijke Versteeg. At an age of thirteen, Wesley started to edit video game movies. And after a few years (age seventeen) he had a decent amount editing practice and decided to do his final assignment (during his pre-university education) on video editing. In this time, he also started making his own short movies. From that moment on, Wesley was sure that making films was his dream. At the age of eighteen, when he was done with his pre-university education, he went to the film school Narafi in Brussel, Belgium. Wesley decided to study abroad because Narafi had a lot of practical assignments, and does not specialize in the first year. After his first year at Narafi, and making his first short film: "Reunion", he switched from wanting to be an editor, to being a director and cinematographer. In the second year Wesley made his award winning short film: "Lights Out", and went to Sicily, Italy for a two week Arri Alexa workshop.

Wesley is now working as a freelance cinematographer and visual effects artist.

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