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Mexican Illustrator and Graphic Designer, born in Xalapa, Veracruz.
Graduated in the art, architecture and design school of the Guadalajara University, has a degree in design for graphic communication, specialised in illustration, graphic art and character design.

Interviewed by the blog net Bloglab in Decafecito.com, where she exhibited a gallery of her illustrations.
She has developed several designs for the Dr. Javier C. Vázquez; illustrated for the Mexican-american Hospital, and collaborated illustrating articles for the Cosplaymix Magazine in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

She has created characters and costumes like Las Super Zetas, Los Titanes de Seiton, Back to school, fuerza de ventas, Tajo, Mono, Guau; for several agencies and sudios like Zombie studio.
She took part in several collective exhibitions in different cities.
She has experience in design projects for television, designing characters for television show intros, like 2x1 and Gruperronas -both in the top 10 selection- both for channel Videorola.

She took care of the creative design of the illustrations and model sheets for channel 7 - Jalisco´s local television- called "villas verdes por las villas de la revolucion"; and for other digital illustrations for the company Polarstudio.
She participated in the development of the set for FIL niños 2012 Guadalajara, and made the illustrations for the show "Café Chéjov", broadcasted by the channel 44 TV.

Nowdays she works as a freelance illustrator, focused mainly in watercolor and mixed media for children books.

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