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Virtuoline is a nonprofit organization created by artists, for artists. We are launching our website in May 2012 and are currently located in Switzerland, and planning to expend in summer 2012 in France and Canada. Our goal is to recognize strong creativity and active artists world wide by promoting their work online through press articles, photos, videos and short-films but also with events, expositions and live performances. We are currently planning to integrate the following disciplines onto our website: cinema, photography, visual arts, design, writing and music.

For artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and writers benefits are:
- Profile (portfolio themes, media upload space, contact info, virtuoline email adress, dropbox..and more)
- Promotional (Press articles, photos, videos, short-films...and more)
- Working (Studio spaces, networking, community benefits...and more)

Our current cities networking avaibility are: Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Lugano, Milano, Torino, Rome, Venice, Wien, Lyon, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Barcelona, Marseille, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Tokyo, Osaka.

Next tour dates:
-Zurich/Geneva, Switzerland from 1st of December until 23rd 2011.
-Tokyo, Japan from 1st of January until 31st 2012.
-Lyon/Paris in February 2012
-Milano, Italy from 17th of April until 22th 2012.

Jobs&Volunteering: We are currently looking for freelance journalists, web developers, a webmaster, promoters, writers and artists interested in developing a web platform for artists but also finding talented people.

-Must speak/write fluently english.
-We are looking for enthusiastic individuals willing to approach artists and build projects around the community or motivated intellectuals willing to contribute and develop the online platform.
-A plus: If you are an artist(e) yourself or passionate about arts.

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