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  1. 02:25:43

    3D The Future is Now! #VS3

    by Vision+Media

    11 Videos

    Speakers from Sony, BSkyB, Streetdance 3D the Movie, UK Film Council, Digital Projection and hands on tech demos from the Pie Factory gave over 100 North West creative companies a chance to see the…

  2. 01:07:57

    New business models for music and digital #vs2

    by Vision+Media

    5 Videos

    2nd Visionary Session of 2010 fodcused on new revenue models in the music industry

  3. 01:44:30

    Opportunities in Education Market #VS1

    by Vision+Media

    5 Videos

    opps and devs in the education market for digital and creative companies

  4. 01:22:56

    Digital and Creative Futures

    by Vision+Media

    3 Videos

    In partnership with FuturEverything, this event featured industry experts, live entertainment and an 'unconference’.

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