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Welcome to view the weekly service videos of Pastor Mathias Grehn and Vision Church, Miami, Florida!

The Vision Church APP is now available both for iPhone and Android: Search the app store for: "Vision Church Miami"

Vision Church is a young dynamic church with a solid, Biblical foundation. Each week they reach people from a wide range of denominational backgrounds, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic diversities; which is a direct reflection of Miami’s diverse culture and population. Vision Church taps into the use of technology and the Internet every week in order to fulfill the Great Commission and reach the lost all over the world.

Video & Audio podcasts are available on iTunes and also on their FREE App that is available through your App Store; search for “Vision Church Miami”. The main church campus is located in Miami, FL, but they also have two additional churches located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The mission for Vision Church is to reach those who are far from God and make them fully devoted followers of Christ.

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