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Mark Johnson and Romeo Durscher are two long-time California friends who recently discovered a shared passion for the joy of piloting remote-controlled "cam-copters." Aerial Visual is our internet home where we post the results of our adventures and where we post the times and locations for projects we have scheduled.

On its surface, capturing gorgeous images from airborne cameras arguably is reason enough to adopt a peripatetic lifestyle with considerable demands on personal time (and a concomitant dent in one's bank account). However, the two of us have come to realize that the benefits are so much richer and satisfying than a simple quest for aesthetically pleasing images. Indeed, as is true of so many earthly passions we mortals undertake, the pursuit itself has become more important to us than the goal. We have come to view the world around us with different eyes and with a greater appreciation for how very much can remain hidden simply because of maintaining a single point of view or a familiar frame of reference.

If you would like any of our footage or images, please contact us through:

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