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Visualhorizon3D are a 3d visualisation company offering verified views, property marketing images and other architectural visualisation services to customers in the UK and abroad. The business is ideally located to serve London, the Midlands and East Anglia.

Expert in all areas of architectural illustration, Visualhorizon3D offers exceptional value for top quality results, adding value to any proposed building development.

The company is owned by Asil Purcell. With over 16 years experience, Asil founded the company in 2010, having worked in the sector since its earliest days. He is architecturally trained and has passed on his visualisation 3D expertise and trained many other, now successful, 3D visualisation artists.

As well as the usual marketing views, visually verified montages (verified views) are a specialist service. Owner, Asil Purcell, has been expertly producing this type of image since its conception. These accurate visual representations are now a standard on large and/or sensitive projects.

A methodology statement is issued with all verified view montages for use in visual impact assessment / visual impact analysis studies.

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