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Visual Masterpiece is a studio focused on visual artistry / visual storytelling, meaningful conversation, relationships, and God. We love moody, abstract and editorial looks but still maintain a mainstream feel in our overall work. We never try to force a piece but rather allow it to be created, and we've found there is no better challenge or reward then when filming weddings.

Founded the studio in 2004 with a desire to create art using event cinematography as the primary medium, and added still photography to our portfolio. Since then traveled the world, taught private workshops, created webinars, and spoken in world class seminars regarding wedding cinematography and creating a successful business model.

As a married couple ourselves we highly value the meaning of marriage and the story caught between the couple. We also love the absolute craziness of capturing the day in a beautiful and memorable way and seeing it put together at the end of the day.

Over the years we have had several appearances from amazing Cinematographers we consider part of our family; VM Alumni so to speak.. David Perry, Chris McClain, Denver Riddle (ColorGradingCentral), as well as the amazing Loyd Calomay, to name a few.

Keep a look out on updates as we look to awe and inspire whenever possible.

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