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The Visual Misfit.

For Mark Valino Video/Filmmking is life. Director/Producer/Editor/Videographer, The full production package in one. Mark Valino started shooting and editing films in highschool with analog video. At a young age, learning the concepts of video/fimmaking in analog he easily applied it to and grew up with the progression of the Digital Media/Video Era. Mark Recieved his diploma for Film & Television Production at The Toronto Film Academy where he started Visually Mental Pictures his Independant Production Company producing Corporate and Documentation videos. "Presenting the Visual Representation of the Truth" is his mantra that motivates and inspires Mark Valino's vision till this very day to show life on the screen as wonderous and spectacular as he sees it. He got his first television experience with Flip TV, Bpm TV and Entertainment Tonight Canada and quickly learned the inner workings of the overall broadcast/film industry from the inside. Today Mark is the Director of the Manifesto Documentation Crew and Director/Co-Founder of Manifesto TV, he also works as a Digital Editor at Much Music while working Freelance Producing/Directing/Videography/Editing. To say he keeps busy is an understatement. Mark Valino's main mission as a music and art lover has provided him the drive to showcase his community's art and culture the way he knows best. He continues to colaborate with many of Toronto's talented artists. Mark has always prided himself on being a life long student to the art of video/filmmaking and visual storytelling and being able to understand/execute a project from concept to production to post production. Mark's visual style is dynamic and intuitive and it continues to evolve everyday...

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