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VIVO Media Arts Centre is a place for the production, education, distribution, exhibition and discussion of media art. You can rent our cameras, lights, mics, edit suites, new media labs and studio space. We have workshops in circuit bending and pure data, final cut pro and protools (to name a few). We are a video distribution centre called Video Out and house an archive of media art and activism produced between 1973 and the now. We present exhibitions of local and international artists, musicians, writers and activists. We stage skype talks, noise music, performance art, relational activities, and things as yet uncategorised. Signal & Noise is our annual festival of experimental media art.

Our programming reflects both the diversity of media art technologies available and the symbiotic communities which coalesce around the tools, to invent new technology, new genres, new friendships.

VIVO Media Arts Centre gratefully receives ongoing annual support from The Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Arts Council, The Government of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver.

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  1. Terry Haines commented on Bloodstorm
    Sound production by the amazingly talented Eliza McCullough. This is the documented version of the installation. A single channel version of the production in a short movie format of the same title was also produced to accompany the installation…