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    The Daily Grind

    by Travis Long

    11 Videos

    Video pieces generally shot and edited in less than two days.

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    by Travis Long

    10 Videos

    Solo and collaboration projects produced for newsobserver.com.

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    by Travis Long

    9 Videos

    Music videos.

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    Agents' Secrets: Junk Science, Tainted Testimony at the SBI

    by Travis Long

    6 Videos

    This series, the product of months of reporting, reveals deep trouble at the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation. "Agents' Secrets" shows an agency in line with prosecutors' wishes.…

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    by Travis Long

    4 Videos

    Videos of friends and family.

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    by Travis Long

    4 Videos

    Sports videos for newsobserver.com

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    Great 8 2008

    by Travis Long

    4 Videos

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    Great 8 2009

    by Travis Long

    4 Videos

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