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With only a few years of rockin the decks under his belt, Dj Bobo is one of the most humble Dj's in the industry. Don't be fooled! In his short time of making people dance he has managed to established himself in Chicago as well as a partnership with Redbull. He has come quite a long way from his days of Djing Fraternity basement parties.

Initially inspired by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Bobo honed his craft by watching and learning from Dj Q-Bert tutorials. His nature of locking himself in his room for days at a time until he could perfect his blending got him this far. Growing up with a love for hip-hop and house music created the foundation of Bobo's style of mixing. What sets Bobo apart from the other Dj's the ability to blend every genre of music with a hip-hop style.

Dj Bobo's style of play doesn't stop with standard audio tracks. He's taken it to the next level and became a Video-Dj. Being one of the very few Vj's in his area, it didn't take long for Bobo to stand out in a over-saturated Dj market. |Caution| - Be advised, this avenue of playing isn't for the impatient. Music videos aren't the easiest to come by, which is why Vj's are a delicacy. Bobo has spent countless hours editing and creating new videos. If this is something you have yet to experience, make it a priority.... Your in-store for a great time!

During the daytime hours you can find Bobo huddled up in front of a computer. Working for multiple sites, he does edits for directmusicservice.com, where Dj's can find the latest remixes, edits & Dj tools. As well as remixing videos for CROOCKLYCLAN.COM!

Dj Bobo is also a philanthropic entrepreneur who uses his skills to benefit others. Bobo makes himself available to charitable groups he admires including but not limited to: Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Make -A-Wish Foundation, Bone Marrow Foundation and Children's Miracle Network.

Be on the lookout as VJ Bobo makes his way to a city near you!

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