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“…there can’t be too much hardware for a performance…”

cyper is to be understood as an intermedia video and light artist whose passion is to tie together analogous and digital technology in masses with each other. his successful nerdigen installations arouse enthusiasm! the underground as well as the jet set. in his numerous avant-garde videoinstallations he produces a visual synthesis of art and technology. in spite of his complicated programming he gets to present a clear aesthetic line on uncountable screens.

cyper loves the constant exchange and the steady cooperation with sound systems, various film festivals, congresses, communities (ccc, c base), visualberlin, art events and remains with it on the newest technological and formative state. currently he works on his own streaming server where below other also contributions of his videoinstallations, vj engineer, special fx, compositing, 3D visualisations, music video, postal production, manufactured productions are to be seen. video channel: livestream.com/cyper contact: cyper [at] visualberlin [.] org applied synergetic kommunication : as ” ludus naturae ” teaches us all sensual perception comes in form of waves. by being a repetition in time we obtain frequencies in the audible and visual range. by experimenting with synergetic communication- communication of the senses- we aim to open channels between the different human senes and wonder through the doors of perception. used triggers: full range elektronix and moving pictures.


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