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VJ (Audio-visual performance artist), is a little known role in Hong Kong’s music scene. But VJ Donkie is about to change all that. Treading the fields between graphics design, web design, he has the solid foundation of a VJ. With a solid background in graphic design and web engineering, there is no one more suitable than him to be the man behind the VJ deck. All this work has paved a smooth road for him as a VJ.

Also a DJ, he knows the mind sets of his partners in crime, ‘most venues are quite small, so VJs do not have the luxury of seeing what the DJ is doing. This could make it hard for some. But as I was once a DJ, I just know where the cues are. When s/he moves, I’ll already know it 8 bars ahead.’

Like a well-travelled journeyman, the continuous sets he’s played with world’s top DJs has trained him to be a truly versatile artist. He plays to the mood and sets the tone for the DJ, knowing that as a visual artist, his most important job is to add to the music. ‘It is very important to not overpower DJ’s sets. But you have to know what he’s playing. If it’s progressive trance, you play cuts that are smooth. If it’s breakbeat, you play funkier cuts. You have to know the nature of the artist and what he plays so you can add to it.’

Besides electronic music, he’s played to a varying group of rock bands with a favourable results. He’s also welcome to playing with a live jazz band. He’s been in the frontline of world’s top DJ sets, including for Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, Tesito, Sasha ,John Digweed, DeepDish, Ricky Stone , Omnia, Adam Freeland, Dieselboy.

Some highlight Event include playing at

G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 XXX Live Concert (Hong Kong)
ERS CHINESE TOP TEN 2009 , 2010, 2011 (SH)
VIVA CHINA Viva Fiesta (BJ) (DWT Macao)
Nokia New Year's Eve 5cities 1party HK
China Billboard Award (TJ)
Johnnie Walker F1 (Beijing)
Electronic Dance Music Festival (Venetian Macao)
Yoyo Island Beach Party HK
HKMF Hong Kong Music Fair 2010 (IFPI x TDC)
White Party HK 10th Anniversary (HK)

HKAMF Hong Kong Asain Music Fair 2015 (IFPI)
Hong Kong Tourism Board (Mehk )TAAP Arwad 2015
Hennessy Artistry Halo 2014 Shanghai (China)
Clockenflap Multimedia Arts Fest 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 HK (Cyberport/West Kowloon)
BLOHK PARTY 2013 (HK) West Kowloon
Hennessy KYRIOS 2013 (HK)
Hennessy NYX 2012 (HK)
Hennessy Artistry HALO 2011 2012 2014 (HK)(China)
BNP 50's Anniversary HK
Chandni Chowk To HK – Bollywood Star HK
City of Dream (Macau) Opening Gala Party

21/03/2015 Art Street Run @ KT Street Park, HK
23/03/2015 DHL Gala Dinner Visual @ Korea
27/03/2015 HKAMF Hong Kong Asain Music Fair 2015 (IFPI) @ HKECC ,Wan Chai, HK.
31/03/2015 Mass Mutual 20 years anniversary Gala @ HKECC ,Wan Chai, HK.
01/05/2015 Polar Beer Lighting Visual show @ plaza 66, Wuxi ,China
15/05/2015 禪武妙音之心癒 @ jocky club theatre poly U , HongKong
01/05/2015 White Party hk 10th @ Kai Tak cruise terminal, Hong Kong
14/06/2015 Big Bang World Tour (MADE) HK after party visual @ W Hotel Ballroom , HK


14/01/2014 IFS Lauch Freelusion performance @ IFS ice rink , Cheungdu . China
18/01/2014 Hennessy Artistry Halo 2014 @ Shanghai M Benz Cultural Center, SH . China
26/01/2014 The HongKong Anti Cancer Society 50 Annievrsary Show @ APA, HK
19/02/2014 E life s Product launch @ OCT Creative Exhibition Center Shenzhen, China
14/03/2014 PLK Gala Dinner @ Grand Hyatt ,Wan Chai, HK.
28/03/2014 MTR BOB Freelusion hk performance @ Grand Hyatt ,Wan Chai, HK.
04/04/2014 SamSung Solve for Tomorrow Award @ Starhall , Kln, HK
12/04/2014 Hedkindi Party @ W Hotel WooBar , Kln station , HK
07/06/2014 W Summer series Heat wave Pool party @ W Hotel 76F Pool , Kln station , HK
10/06/2014 DCH Princess Yachts Launch @ Kennedy Town Pier, HK
17/06/2014 Lifeline Express charity ball @ APA , HK
21/06/2014 Hedkindi Party @ W Hotel WooBar , Kln station , HK
28/06/2014 W Summer series Heat wave Pool party @ W Hotel 76F Pool , Kln station , HK
05/07/2014 COD Splash Pool party @ HardRock Hotel Poolside, cotai , Macau
12/07/2014 W Summer series Heat wave Pool party @ W Hotel 76F Pool , Kln station , HK
02/08/2014 COD Splash Pool party @ HardRock Hotel Poolside cotai , Macau
09/08/2014 W Summer series Heat wave Pool party @ W Hotel 76F Pool , Kln station , HK
30/08/2014 W Summer series Heat wave pool party @ W Hotel 76F Pool , Kln station , HK
28/11/2014 Clockenflap Multimedia Arts Fest (West Kowloon)

04/01/2013 Mr. New Beginning @ Hong Kong Coliseum, HK
12/01/2013 Remy Martin D.A.N.C.E x Joling @ Gz sport and Art Center ,Gz
16/01/2013 Boom Magazine Launch @ Club Galas ,HK
17/01/2013 Dj Ferry Corsten @ Club Galas ,HK
16/02/2013 Dj Shogun @ Club Galas ,HK
02/03/2013 VIVA china Show@ Dancing Water Theatre GOD, Macau
16/03/2013 Cosmic Gate @ W Hotel ,HK
25/03/2013 DCHL Show @ AWE, HK
03/04/2013 ATB @ W Hotel ,HK
12/04/2013 GEM XXX LIVE @ Hong Kong Coliseum, HK
19/04/2013 Hennessy Kyrios Party @ HKECC, HK
30/04/2013 BT @ W Hotel ,HK
01/06/2013 TDM Macau Tv Channel 29th anniversary@ Venetian Macau
11/06/2013 Carl Cox John Digween @ W Hotel ,HK
22/06/2013 W Get Wet @ W Hotel Pool, HK.
06/07/2013 Booms Magazine Visual @ HK
13/07/2013 W Get Wet @ W Hotel Pool, HK.
17/07/2013 Samsung Tap3 launch Visual@ W HK
19/07/2013 我们的李宗熹戏剧工作室 opening Video @ Shang Hai, China
20/07/2013 Lifeline Express Charity Show @ HKAPA, HK.
11/08/2013 W Get Wet @ W Hotel Pool, HK.
23/08/2013 White Party @ W Hotel Grand Ball Room, HK.
24/08/2013 Nike SummerNight @ Poly U Kln, HK.
03/09/2013 Silhouette glasses Event @ W Hotel Grand Ball Room, HK.
14/09/2013 W Get Wet @ W Hotel Pool, HK.
24/09/2013 Voice of McDonald’s Final @ Latham Hotel , HK.
05/10/2013 IKEA Sleeptober @ Nina Tower , HK.
06/10/2013 KS Wedding @ ritz carlton hotel, HK.
07/10/2013 *** Adidas Party 2013 @ KLN bay, HK.
01/11/2013 Lenovo Prduct launch @ W Hotel Grand Ball Room, HK.
13/11/2013 Boom Magazine Anniversary party @ Habiti Wan Chai ,HK
14/11/2013 Fashion Walk 2013 Xmas @ Fashion Walk Cwb, HK.
26/11/2013 Samsung solve for tomorrow launch @ Kln Bay, HK.
14/11/2013 Fashion Walk 2013 Xmas vj @ Fashion Walk Cwb, HK.
07/12/2013 BLOHK PARTY VJ @ West Kln, HK.
13/12/2013 Hugo Boss Red never Follow @ shop , myst ,Shang hai, China
21/12/2013 DJ Dubfire Tour HK @ ARMANI Prive, Central, HK.
21/12/2013 Fashion Walk 2013 Xmas vj @ Fashion Walk Cwb, HK.
23/12/2013 Fashion Walk 2013 Xmas countdown @ Fashion Walk Cwb, HK.
31/12/2013 Fashion Walk 2014 nye countdown @ Fashion Walk Cwb, HK.

07/02/2012 BMW 3 Series 2012 Launch @ HKCEC, HK
19/03/2012 Ted baker Fashion Show Fliming @ Shop , HK
21/04/2012 Hennessy NYX 2012 @ Kln Bay, HK.
05/05/2012 HNHW @ HKAPA, HK.
15/05/2012 CASBAA EVENT @ HYDE, HK.
10/06/2012 Nuskin @ AWE, AIRPORT, HK.
14/07/2012 Lifeline Express Charity Show @ HKAPA, HK.
10/08/2012 Hennessy Artistry Tour 2012 @ KLN BAY , HK
18/08/2012 Indian Grand Wedding @ Riz Hotel GrandBall Room , HK
18/09/2012 ATSURO TAYAMA 30’s Anniversary FW12 @ The Mira Hotel, HK
15/11/2012 Hennessy Artistry Halo 2012 @ AWE Hall 10 , HK
02/12/2012 Hennessy Artistry Halo 2012 @ Shanghai M Benz Cultural Center, SH

19/03/2011 ERS CHINESE TOP TEN @ SH Grand Stage ,Shang Hai ,China
01/04/2011 VIVA CHINA Viva Fiesta @ Water Cube, National Aquatics Center Beijing, China
15/05//2011 54 Youth 2011 @ HKCEC, Wan Chi, HK
21/06//2011 Adidas Group Brand day 2012 @ StarHall , Kln Bay, HK.
29/06//2011 ASUS Intel Special edition Incredible J launch @ W hotel , Taipie. TW.
03/07//2011 Lex Anniversary Visual @ Exchange Square ,Central , HK.
03/08//2011 Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 launch Visual @ HK.
30/08//2011 shu uemura WKW collection launch@ China Club, Central, HK.
17/09//2011 Dazzling Dreams Bollywood @ Grand Hyatt ,Wan Chai, HK.
22/09//2011 Samsung galaxy s2 white Party @ Water Mark , Central piers 7, HK.
24/09//2011 Sander van Doorn - Eleve11 Tour@ W Hotel , Kln, HK.
20/10/2011 Levis Go forth Fashion Show @ China resource building , Wan Chai, HK.
09/10/2011 Hennessy Artistry tour 2011 @ Asiaworld Expo , HK
19/10/2011 NuSkin 20's Anniversary @ StarHall ,Kln Bay, HK.
10/12/2011 Clockenflap Multimedia Arts & Music Festival@ West Kowloon , Hong Kong
31/12/2011 Gatecrasher the global sound system NYE 2011 @ INTEX SHANGHAI, SH

03/03/2010 AS Watson 8800 Store Ceremony @ Harbour Grand Hotel,Kln, HK
20/03/2010 HKMF Hong Kong Music Fiar (IFPA x HK TDC) @ HKCEC, Wan Chi, HK
27/03/2010 ERS CHINESE TOP TEN 17years@ SH Grand Stage, Shang Hai ,China
27/04/2010 Remy Martin VSOP New Bottel Lunch@ The Angelina, Shang Hai ,China
07/05/2010 Red Bull Music Academy On the Floor @ Play, Central , HK
19/05/2010 Shu uemura Product launch @ Art Center , Wan chai, HK
29/05/2010 Bma Seed music lable launch < flight to night > @ Venetian CotaiArena™ Macao.
05/06/2010 French May music showdown @ Queen Elizabeth Xtadium Arena , HK
25/06/2010 Adidas brand day 2010 @ Asiaworld Expo , HK
30/07/2010 CSL 1010 Iphone4 Launch @ Café deco,The peak , HK
14/08/2010 RedBull Music on the Floor @ W Hotel 76F Pool , Kln, HK
25/09/2010 Bollywood / Hollywood @ Grand Hatty Ball Room, HK
26/08/2010 Ferragamo PP store Opening Visual @ Pacific place , HK
12/10/2010 Red Dragon Fly Fashion Show @ RDF, GZ , China
05/11/2010 Knorr new spicy trend China Press conference @ SH Hytta Hotel , Shang Hai , China

14/03/2009 ERS CHINESE TOP TEN 16years @ SH Grand Stage ,Shang Hai ,China
20/05/2009 Mercedes Benz Eclass Launch Party Visual Vj @ GrandHall ,HKCEC, HK
05/06/2009 Mercedes Benz Eclass Launch Party Visual Vj @ GrandHall ,Macau Tower
20/06/2009 CIty of Dream Launch Gala @ COD,Grand Hatty Ball Room, Macau
29/08/2009 Macao Electronic Dance Music Festival @ Venetian Cotai ExpoMacau
05/09/2009 Piaget Polo45 Limelight Twice 30th Anniversary @ Grand Hatty Ball Room, HK
17/10/2009 White Party HK 5th Anniversary @ Cafe Deco , The Peak , HK***
15/10/2009 Clockenflap Multimedia Arts & Music Festival@ Cyberport, Hong Kong
24/12/2009 Asia Winter Music Festival @Venetian Cotai Expo Macau

12/1/2008 Clockenflap Multimedia Arts & Music Festival@ Cyberport, Hong Kong
16/1/2008 Dotasia Celebrity Pioneers Program Kick of Ceremony @ Hong Kong
20/1/2008 Dewali Sammer’s 40th Birthday Celebration @ Aberdeen Marina Club, HK.
23/2/2008 N1 Fund Ltd.Financial Conference Visual @ Tokyo, Japan
24/2/2008 N1 Fund Ltd. Seminar Visual @ Osaka, Japan
02/3/2008 Wow Music 4 Queens live Glam Trash Josie Ho @ Kln Bay StarHall, HK
13/3/2008 Samsung Anycall i458b @ Times Square CWB, HK
18/3/2008 Invega pill launch Performance @ Langham Hotel Hotel, HK
08/4/2008 BNP 50's Anniversary @ Fourseason Hotel, Hong Kong
22/05/2008 Emilio Pucci Fashion Show @ Watermark, Central Pier7, HK
26/07/2008 Prive© Hong Kong presents - AKON Concert @ Asiaworld Expo , HK
07/09/2008 Adidas Event Visual 7,8,9,@ Shanghai Shop .China
14/09/2008 Adidas Event Visual 14,15,16@ Beijing Shop .China
26/09/2008 Steve Madden Fashion Show @ Beijing, San Li Tun, China
07/10/2008 Zee Nite Live in HK@ Jockey CLub Poly U, HK
22/11/2008 Citi Glam - Tony n Guy Hair show @ Armani Bar, HK
24/12/2008 Chandni Chowk to HK Xmas Party @ Grand Hatty Ball Room, HK
25/12/2008 Chandni Chowk To HK Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar ..Ect @ Hkcec, Hk

08/02/2007 Sony Handycam Product Launch @ Sheraton Hotel , Hong Kong
14/3/2007 Prudential Insurance Kickoff Party Visual @ Hong, Kong
25/5/2007 2007 China Billboard Award @ Tianjin Stadium, China
26/7/2007 Guess Watch Product Launch @ Regal Hotel , Hong Kong
28/7/2007 Globe7 Game Fair Visual @ Exhibition Center , Hong Kong
10/8/2007 Johnnie Walker F1 –Dj Ricky Stone @ Gz Old Airport, China

31/8/2007 Johnnie Walker F1 –Dj Ricky Stone @ Beijing , China 

03/9/2007 Vanilla Suite Visual - Michele Monique Reis @ M1NT ,Hong Kong

08/9/2007 Sony Alpha 700 Launch Event Visual @ Replus Bay ,Hong Kong
03/11/2007 Dewali Dreams Party @ Interconrtiltal Hotel , Tst, Hong Kong
06/11/2007 Nokia Music Playground @ China Resource Building ,Hong Kong
20/11/2007 Sony TP1 Launch Opening Visual @ Hong Kong
30/11/2007 Sony Fair 2007 Opening Visual @  Time Square Hong Kong
30/11/2007 Sony Fair 2007 3 Days Catwalk Visual @  Time Square Hong Kong
31/12/2007 The Racing Club Count Down Party @ Jockey Club Happy Valley, Hong Kong

31/12/2006 Nokia New Year's Eve 5cities 1party - JamsterA @ Ocean Terminal , HK

2006~2015 ft Artists / Djs

TOP 100 DJs :

Armin Van Buuren
Andy Moor
Aly & Fila
Carl Cox
Christopher Lawrence
Cosmic Gate
[DeepDish] Dupfire
Dave Seman
Darren Emerson
Dj Dan
Daftpunk Dj Falcon
Ferry Corsten
John Digweed
John 00 Fleming
Kyau and Albert
Marco V
Markus Schulz
Matt Darey
Nick Warren
Ricky Stone
Ronski Speed
Sander Kleinenberg
Sander van Doorn
Sotoshi Tommiie
Timo Maas
The Thrillseekers

International Djs
Nina Kraviz
Gregor Tresher
Jermine Dupri
Lisa Leshes
Way Out West
Quivver John Graham
Elite Force
Def Inc
Phil K
Mixup Crew
Keith McDonnell
Dj Remy
Dj Swamy
Frank Richards
DJ Evalicious
Vyas Brothers
Mike MacKenna
Takkyu Ishino
DJ Suv
Total Science
MC Riya
Dj Tomato
Free the Robot
Toshio Matsuura

HK/Macau Djs Artisties

Joe Lai
David Lam
DJ Christian
Jamaster A
Frankie Lam
Jason F
Michael L
Jimmy Cho
Dj Email
Ryan Ash
Dj Tom
Ivan Sit
Allan Ho
Wendy Wen
Dj Janesister
Gold Montion
Dj Yellow
Dj Niki
Dj Enso
Dj Kid Fresh
DJ Asayo
DJ Saiyan
Jane Siesta
Blood Dunza
DJ Loboo
DJ Furtas
Spaace Maan
DJ Miss Antwone
Suki Ma Ma
Dj Yin

The Teenagers
Noughts and exes.
Elf fatima
Crazy Lion

Artist/ Concert /Show

Artist at HKMF Hong Kong Music Fair 2010 (IFPI x TDC)
Artist at Chandni Chowk To HK – Bollywood Star (Hong Kong)
Artist at ERS CHINESE TOP TEN 2009 , 2010(Shang Hai),
Artist at China Billboard Award 2008 (Tinjing)
Artist at Bma Seed music lable launch (Macau)
Artist at VIVA CHINA Viva Fiesta (BJ ) (Macao)
Akshay Kumar
Edison Chen
Josie Ho
Jolin Tosi
Dj Tommy

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