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I have been DJing since i was 18 years old and have been a resident at ten different clubs and have played over 200 wedding receptions. I have worked for respected event companies such as Invisible Touch and VoxDJs before starting my own venture. My primary focus in DJing is playing at clubs, but have embraced the new VJ movement that is slowly taking over the industry. In the past few years I have collected a massive collection of music videos and created an arsenal of my own custom edits. I am currently a resident DJ for Baja Sharkeez and Establishment in Hermosa Beach as well as featured nights at The Shore, Oceanbar and Strandhouse. Please feel free to come see me in action.

If you are a fellow VJ and would like a full res version of one of my edits (without the watermark or extra compression) please drop me a line! i'd be happy to send it to you. thanks!!

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