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Hailing from the experimental electronic art scene PETE got his start with video doing underground one-off art events in gallery spaces in NY. At the time his projections were mostly pre-recorded or computer generated, however he was always interested in the live performance aspect. PETE evolved his work into doing live video mixing for events and concerts in the electronic music and dance scene. After coming to SF PETE has held down several residencies including FUTURE, Electropolis, and Club Super Ego. PETE has dazzled larger crowds providing visuals for events such as Be The RIOTTT!!!, Sea Of Dreams, and various events at SupperClub and Opulent Temple @BRC. His work really has to be seen to understand just how complex and abstract it is. Using a mix of original production and sampled found footage with influences ranging from fine art to 80s electronica to contemporary design, and intermixing fashion shows, b-movies, science documentaries and old westerns. In short, he really knows to bring a space to life.

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